Anasphere Inc.

Anasphere Inc. is home to cutting-edge research, development and manufacturing of analytical and atmospheric technology for the professional and the classroom.

Tethersonde module in flight
Education & Outreach

SmartTether is Anasphere's tethersonde system. With a single, low cost receiver able to address multiple modules attached to a kite, blimp or balloon tether, SmartTether represents a revolutionary approach to gathering atmospheric profiles within the lower troposphere.

Anasphere's dropsondes are based on the AnaSonde-2G and feature a radio modem link to the launcher payload which can dispense dropsondes while flying on a high-altitude zero-pressure balloon.

Our educational AnaSondes are simple and inexpensive digital radiosondes that gather atmospheric profiles for parameters such as temperature and pressure. When flown on a 3-ft. helium balloon, they can gather measurements up to approximately 35,000 feet!