Welcome to Anasphere!

Anasphere, Inc. manufactures aerospace systems including tethersondes, atmospheric sensors, and inflation gas generators. Our customers include all major aerospace manufacturers, government agencies, academia, and a range of other companies and institutions. Anasphere's systems are found worldwide in aviation testing, atmospheric research, and specialized gas inflation applications.


August 5, 2020: We have moved!

On our 18th anniversary, we completed our relocation into the historic Logan School building in Logan, Montana.

July 30, 2019: NASA Announcement of Collaboration Opportunity (ACO) Award

Anasphere was one of 13 companies to receive an award under the NASA Announcement of Collaboration Opportunity. This award enables Anasphere to test its hydrogen gas generator using NASA facilities.

May 14, 2019: NASA Phase II SBIR Award

Anasphere was awarded a Phase II SBIR from NASA for the further development of cloud water content sensors. These new variants of our existing supercooled liquid and liquid water content sensors will measure ice water content in clouds, and will be further extended to create a universal water content sensor.

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